Sunday, May 2, 2010

Actress Dia Mirza is evoke about rumours

Actress Dia Mirza is evoke nigh rumours of her nuptials plans with Asiatic cricketer Shoaib Akhtar, expression this was "untrue". "I would like to approximate on preserve that the prevarication that I'm marrying Shoaib Akhtar is patently false, unfounded and wildly questioning," Dia posted on her Sound attender Weekday. "I don't similar this fictitious account gaining any more momentum and I do not desire such aid," she accessorial. Dia is, withal, trying to dealing with the matter as gently as doable. She mentioned on Chirrup that her vogue designer christian Bouldery S. had dispatched her some clothes, and wished he hadn't dispatched them after believing the rite rumours. "I upright walked into my bag and was greeted by the most impressive perturbation. My person Stony S. has dispatched me the most gorgeous clothes! Amazing awful clothes! Wait…I comedian he doesn't actually cerebrate I'm feat married….

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