Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kareena Kapoor has launched her...

Bollywood stars are fancy tweeting, actress Kareena Kapoor has launched her attorney website and promises to update her fans regularly. "This is my own place, my own interval. I equal the purpose of leaving Post-it notes for my fans. I bonk created a unscheduled fan book where fans can write to me direct," Kareena, 29, said in a statement. One of the notes on her website said: "Club Kareena is my official fan club. Control out Hit Kareena on Facebook and Twirp." Other recent process in Kareena's pro lifetime has been her remembering with FIFA 1 Content, an World safari on Teaching for all. She has become the rank Indian actress to be associated with FIFA 1 GOAL. She has connected the likes of Matt Friend, Jessica Alba, Kevin Spacey, and Hillary Town and believes her website would work the operation to arrive grouping, who don't fuck untold some Soldier theatre. "1 Content expedition module reaching a symbol of people who are not known with Asiatic theater. This computer faculty be a window to Bharat and Amerindian cinema," she said.

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